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  • We custom make designs as per your requirements

  • Our MOQ is very Flexible

  • We can make any jewellery designs. Everything is possible.

  • We will provide you hands-on customer support

Indian Sonar

Founded in 2010, Silvery Designer Pvt Ltd. is a well-established manufacturer and retailer with comprehensive experience in the Jewellery production field, providing services of designing, manufacturing, and the sales of high-end Jewellery in 925 Sterling Silver & Brass. We have coordinated with brands internationally, including well established designers in London, Paris & Belgium.

Based in Kolkata with a factory line of around 20 skilled karigars, we pay our utmost effort to create the finest custom jewellery for our customers, striving to exceed your expectations in quality and customer service.

Our speciality is that we can create any design for you.

We are the exclusive manufacturing partner of Sneha Rateria, a leading south Indian jewellery designer.


  • What is the MOQ?
  • We understand that as designers, your requirement can be very low. Keeping that in mind, we can tailor make a manufacturing proposal for you.
    If you decide to take any of our designs, the MOQ is 50.
    If we make a new design that is given by you, the MOQ is as low as 10.

  • What is the delivery time
  • We focus a lot on quality. Given that, the delivery time can vary anywhere between 2- 3 months depending on the design and quantity.